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Who needs SOPA?


The government has no problem with showing us who is boss. The day after people protest SOPA the government overreaches its bounds and pulls a move right out of the SOPA act itself.

They shut MegaUpload down.

Now MegaUpload is a pretty popular site for uploading lots of things. They also like any other upload site get pirated material but they always shut it down pretty abruptly. They should fall under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act which has many provisions that provide safe harbor for companies.

What safe harbor essentially does is say “As long as you’re doing your best to remove illegal material you are not liable for what your users do.”

What SOPA would change is that very thing. It was to hold the sites liable for what users upload, which is obviously impossible when you look at larger sites which copyrighted material is posted all over such as wikipedia, facebook, and youtube. It seems they want to make it clear they do not need SOPA to do what they want. This to me is a huge slap in the face to everyone who stood up to SOPA.