There’s no use crying over spilt milk.

About a week ago the government decided to raid Rawesome Foods and Healthy Family Farms and charge THREE people with “conspiracy to sell unpasteurized raw milk products“. They arrived in full swat gear and made off with pounds of cheese and gallons of milk along with vegetables and fruits for some reason. They made their way into Rawesome’s and immediately snatched up the cash before destroying the store’s entire inventory.
Now call me crazy but I remember not even 50 years ago the milkman used to come and drop off the fresh milk that would keep for a week if cold. Why is it now a crime to sell fresh milk? This seems like another way for the government to flex it’s police state mentality.
In all fairness to the government though, terrorists could have been hiding in those blocks of cheese and containers of milk.
You can read more about it here:
or here:

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