Ron Paul Exploding!

Don’t let the media black out Ron Paul, even though he’s winning all the polls the media keeps telling you he has no chance or just plain not discussing it at all. Do not let them sweep a good candidate under the rug and put their sock puppets in the white house.
He won 2nd in the debate, by only 200 votes yet no news source wanted to discuss him the next day, they’d talk about the 1st, 3rd and 7th place before they talk about Ron Paul.
The Daily Show reporting on it:
The official number of votes counted in the 2011 Iowa Straw Poll is 16,892. The general breakdown of the total is as follows:
4823 – Michelle Bachmann
4671 – Ron Paul
2293 – Pawlenty
1657 – Santorum
1456 – Cain
718 – Perry
567 – Romney
385 – Gingrich
69 – Huntsman
35 – McCotter
They’re trying to ignore him. He is a good candidate. If you’re not familiar you can check out his debate answers here.
He is pro-constitution, they do not want this. If there are any of the candidates worth voting for it’s Ron Paul. He’s not flip flopped on any of his agendas during his whole campaign and position as congressman.
If you have doubts, I encourage you, do your research, do not let them outright demonize and black him out.

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