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ACTA Passing With Flying Colors(Flags).

So we’ve staved off SOPA and PIPA but ACTA has been lurking around in the shadows. It isn’t common for them to throw something up they KNOW will be shot down to lessen awareness of another issue. ACTA is passing in  more and more countries.  It’s another attempt at an internet power grab by our governments. So some of you may be wondering what is ACTA?
ACTA or the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement is an international treaty that would allow companies in China or any other country who signed the agreement to demand ISPs remove web content in the US with no legal oversight whatsoever. No warrant needed. This also applies to other countries who signed the treaty. Looking at the list of who has signed this today in a ceremony in Tokyo, the UK, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden all agreed to join ACTA. The other EU states are expected to follow and sign as well. Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Morocco, New Zealand, Singapore and the US are already signed up to the agreement.So for example if you live in Sweden and the US decides that an ISP there is hosting copyrighted material the US can have the material pulled down and potentially the ISP end up in very hot water. It also raises some concerns when it comes to privacy.

President Obama signed this agreement back on October 1st, 2011, without consulting congress. He claimed it was a “Executive Agreement” and didn’t need to have it confirmed with anyone else. However an executive agreement is not a binding treaty where as the EU and other countries have signed it as so. This means the US government, more specifically the USTR, will be able to ignore whatever they want in it while other countries can’t.

To put the cherry on top of this, President Obama does not even have the power to make such an agreement according to some legal scholars and

[quote]The law is clear that the only things that can be covered by executive agreements are things that involve items that are solely under the President’s mandate. That is, you can’t sign an executive agreement that impacts the things Congress has control over. But here’s the thing: intellectual property, in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, is an issue given to Congress, not the President. Thus, there’s a pretty strong argument that the president legally cannot sign any intellectual property agreements as an executive agreement and, instead, must submit them to the Senate.[/quote]

It’s NOT TOO LATE though. ACTA still needs to be ratified by the countries who have joined. This is expected to take several months. Don’t let them censor you. Don’t let your government hand over power to other governments. Fight to keep your sovereignty. Write or email your government let them know you are not pleased with this agreement. You wouldn’t be standing alone, hundreds of thousands of people have joined facebook pages to oppose this, an internet petition has gathered over 220,000 signatures.

Encourage people to read up on the bill itself and about the bill and inform themselves. Rally together once again to show our governments that we won’t be censored and we won’t allow loosely written agreements to be shoved on us. Get the word out.

A good site along with the others linked in this post to look into ACTA is:


Who needs SOPA?


The government has no problem with showing us who is boss. The day after people protest SOPA the government overreaches its bounds and pulls a move right out of the SOPA act itself.

They shut MegaUpload down.

Now MegaUpload is a pretty popular site for uploading lots of things. They also like any other upload site get pirated material but they always shut it down pretty abruptly. They should fall under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act which has many provisions that provide safe harbor for companies.

What safe harbor essentially does is say “As long as you’re doing your best to remove illegal material you are not liable for what your users do.”

What SOPA would change is that very thing. It was to hold the sites liable for what users upload, which is obviously impossible when you look at larger sites which copyrighted material is posted all over such as wikipedia, facebook, and youtube. It seems they want to make it clear they do not need SOPA to do what they want. This to me is a huge slap in the face to everyone who stood up to SOPA.

Ron Paul Exploding!

Don’t let the media black out Ron Paul, even though he’s winning all the polls the media keeps telling you he has no chance or just plain not discussing it at all. Do not let them sweep a good candidate under the rug and put their sock puppets in the white house.
He won 2nd in the debate, by only 200 votes yet no news source wanted to discuss him the next day, they’d talk about the 1st, 3rd and 7th place before they talk about Ron Paul.
The Daily Show reporting on it:
The official number of votes counted in the 2011 Iowa Straw Poll is 16,892. The general breakdown of the total is as follows:
4823 – Michelle Bachmann
4671 – Ron Paul
2293 – Pawlenty
1657 – Santorum
1456 – Cain
718 – Perry
567 – Romney
385 – Gingrich
69 – Huntsman
35 – McCotter
They’re trying to ignore him. He is a good candidate. If you’re not familiar you can check out his debate answers here.
He is pro-constitution, they do not want this. If there are any of the candidates worth voting for it’s Ron Paul. He’s not flip flopped on any of his agendas during his whole campaign and position as congressman.
If you have doubts, I encourage you, do your research, do not let them outright demonize and black him out.

Into The Fire

This is a brilliant documentary by Press For Truth, a Canadian based activist group. This is filmed at the G20 meet in Toronto. For those of you who don’t know the G20is a group of finance ministers and central bank governors from 20 major economies. So what happens when you are peacefully protesting a gathering of the global elite? You are arrested, beat, and harassed. Check it out here:

Our Loving Government

In order to keep us safe from ourselves, it must do the following to you:

And that’s just in the past 6 months.

But these acts of benevolence pale in comparison to the outpouring of love that occurs when:

It is difficult for me to express my level of gratitude to the State in its efforts to keep me safe from myself.

Without the State, I might walk down the street texting my friend about feeding the homeless while carrying a shingling hammer, distributing free pamphlets about where to buy raw milk, all while video taping myself in action. If anyone tried to do that in real life the entire world would implode in an apocalyptic disaster. Only the State can keep us safe from ourselves.

Feeding the homeless is bad. M’kay?

Can’t feed the homeless people, kids included. What kind of law is this? What is the purpose of this? This is corruption. If this was all people with homes and jobs having a community event in the park and a barbeque for free it’d be fine, but because they’re homeless people they don’t deserve food?
It’s always easier to sweep the homeless under the rug. It might make people feel bad about their vacation in Orlando if they have to see the reality of the country.

We Can’t Dance If We Wan’t To

Dancing is now not only a crime in certain parts of the country but you’re subject to being body slammed and held down by your throat even if you’re not actively resisting. What ever happened to freedom of expression?
First Amendment:
The relevant portion of the First Amendment, passed in 1791, reads “Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble….”
Symbolic Speech:
The expression of ideas which involves only action and not words is considered “symbolic” speech and, while covered under the First Amendment, is treated somewhat differently than are other forms of expression.
Thank God some citizens did not take this lying down, and rallied together for a protest.
It’s inspiring to see people not lay down and take a bogus law and peacefully protest something without violence.